I want to use this very first post to introduce you to this blog and what I want this blog to become.

My idea behind this blog it to find what journalism is. According to Merriam-Webster, by definition journalism is defined as: the activity or job of collecting, writing, and editing news stories for newspapers, magazines, television, or radio.

But journalism itself has many definitions, and I want to find these definitions. When I say this I mean on a very individual scope. I want to meet fellow students who are studying journalism or other majors who want to become a journalist, and find out why they decided that they want to become journalist, what attracted them to journalism, and what does journalism essential means to them.

I’ll use myself as an example. I want to become a journalist because I have watched many documentaries and read many articles, that at them end I became infuriated that there was so much information that I never heard about. Like oil companies’ fracking processes or how we easily sign away our rights to go to court by just signing something as simple as signing a cellphone contract, there are so many issues that wee are missing everyday, that haven’t been brought to light. That is what encouraged me to become a journalist. I want to show people the injustices that we are facing, the situations that are happening around the world that affects the people we care about. I see journalism as a tool to educate, instead of being in a classroom we are teaching on global scale. With journalism today we can reach across boarders, and affect people everywhere.

I want this blog to be like a dictionary, I want it to have every definition for what journalism can mean for people. I want anyone who wants to learn more on journalism use this as a source to get more information about the topic, as they would need.

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